Biden Supporters Allegedly Attack 7-Year-Old Wearing MAGA Hat Outside DNC

Biden Supporters Allegedly Attack 7-Year-Old Wearing MAGA Hat Outside DNC

A mother alleges that after attending a protest against Joe Biden near where Biden’s DNC speech was being held, she and her son were assaulted by a number of Biden supporters. Her 7-year-old son wore a MAGA hat, which was reportedly enough to trigger the encounter.

Benny Johnson posted video of the incident on Twitter:

The mother offered the following statement:

I was with my 7 year old son across the street from Joe Biden’s DNC Convention speech in Wilmington, Delaware.

We were waiting for a table at a restaurant to eat dinner. We had just left a peaceful protest against Joe Biden. I was holding a pro-Trump sign. My son was wearing his MAGA hat. We were standing outside peacefully minding our own business waiting for our table. Suddenly, two Joe Biden supporters began to yell political epithets at my child. They ripped the sign from my arms and assaulted my seven year old son. The Joe Biden supporters laid hands on my child and ripped his “Make America Great Again” hat from his head while cursing at him and pushing him over. The two Joe Biden supporters verbally and physically assaulted my child. My 7 year old child was sobbing and screaming.

Filled with the instinct to defend my child against his attackers I attempted to confront the Joe Biden supporters. All I wished to do was retrieve my 7 year old son’s MAGA hat.

I was punched in the face multiple times by Joe Biden supporters. My friend who joined me and attempted to defend us was punched in the face multiple times by the Joe Biden supporters. They beat me with their fists and purses.

They stole my sons hat and threw my 7 yr old son’s hat over the fence into a dirt filled construction site where we could not retrieve it.

Both Joe Biden supporters attacked me. They attacked my child. I am a mother who simply wants to protect my child from those who would harm him and scar him for life. This vicious attack on an innocent child is exactly why I will be voting for Donald Trump.

Joe Biden owes my son an apology for fomenting the hate that will now scar my son for life.

If children aren’t off limits to their violence – who is?

Benny tells me that a police report was filed immediately after the incident.

Had the political affiliation of the participants been reversed we all know that the entire RNC would be called on to denounce the incident. We won’t hold our breath that Democrats will be held to the same standards.

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