Biden Takes a Hit in the Polls Following Tara Reade Allegations

Biden Takes a Hit in the Polls Following Tara Reade Allegations

This morning on Good Morning America, Biden was asked about the allegations of sexual misconduct about him for only the second time. “At the end of the day, the truth is the truth. That’s what should prevail and the truth is this never happened. This never happened. That’s the truth” he told host George Stephanopoulos.

The media tried to delay coverage of the allegations for as long as possible – and if the latest polling is any indication, it’s because they knew just the effect they would have.

According to HotAir, quoting the latest data from Morning Consult:

Weird but true: Men are more sour on Biden lately amid the Reade coverage than women are. Although maybe that’s not so weird when you remember that women skew Democratic and men skew Republican. For some voters, including right-wing men and Biden-skeptic Berniebros, the Reade matter may be less about believing Biden’s guilty of sexual assault than discovering a new reason to reinforce one’s preexisting dislike of him.

Also, the graph shows that Biden’s lost more support with women lately (down six points since late April) than he has with men (down four points), which is a big deal. Morning Consult notes that women age 30-65 were the key bloc in Democrats’ midterm takeover of the House. If they fade on Joe, Dem hopes of total control of government next year will likely fade with them.

As we reported last month, more believe Reade than Biden, though most remain undecided.

According to Rasmussen Reports, 34% of Likely U.S. Voters believe Tara Reade’s accusation that Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993. The likely Democratic presidential nominee has denied the claim, but only 24% think he is telling the truth. A sizable 41%, however, is undecided.

Something tells me the more Biden opens his gaffe-prone mouth, the more likely the undecided are to believe his accuser.

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