Biden Throws Press Secretary Psaki Under the Bus During CNN Townhall

Biden Throws Press Secretary Psaki Under the Bus During CNN Townhall

During a CNN townhall last night, Joe Biden wasted no time circling back, and threw press secretary Jen Psaki under the bus for the confusion surrounding his policy on reopening schools.

During a recent press conference, Psaki made comments that contradicted Biden’s pledge to reopen America’s schools in his first 100 days. Psaki dialed that back – saying that the goal was for “a majority” of schools to be open for in person learning for one day a week. Or in other words, as few as 51% of schools being open one day per week by the end of 100 days, in which it’ll be just about time for summer vacation.

The policy consequences for a White House beholden to teachers unions has provoked inevitable backlash, and now Biden is attempting to save face.

According to Fox News:

Biden said that Psaki was not correct in saying that having half of schools open one day per week — essentially getting schools 10% open overall — is the White House’s goal for the end of its first 100 days.

“No, that’s not true. That’s what was reported; that’s not true. There was a mistake in the communication,” he said. “But what I — what I’m talking about is I said opening the majority of schools in K-through-eighth grade because they’re the easiest to open, the most needed to be opened, in terms of the impact on children and families having to stay home.”

“I think we’ll be close to that at the end of the first hundred days,” Biden said of elementary and middle schools.
Biden did not specifically say what his definition of an open K-8 school at the end of his first 100 days would be. But he did say that schools may be open over the summer to help make up for lost learning for students — a comment that also contradicted Psaki.

Psaki last week clarified that the Biden administration wants all schools 100% open as soon as possible and said the 100-day goal — now retracted by her boss — was “not the ceiling, that is the bar we are trying to leap over.” 

But the reopening guidelines the administration put out last week place more than 90% of American K-12 students in coronavirus “red zones,” with the most stringent reopening guidelines for schools.

The rest of team Biden has been having disastrous performances this morning in trying to defend their esoteric policy on reopening schools. It’s not like the media is being tough on the Biden administration either – the administration is just simply unable to answer basic questions.

At this rate, it may be another 100 days before Biden has a real plan to reopen schools within 100 days.

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