Biden Wants People Wearing Masks Until At Least 2022

Biden Wants People Wearing Masks Until At Least 2022

One of the first things Joe Biden did after taking office was call for 100 days of mask wearing in the U.S. Mask compliance. Mask compliance was already above 90%, meaning his calls will, at best, would increase mask wearing by a couple percentage points if everyone listened to him.

Via executive order Biden mandated the wearing of masks on federal grounds on his first day in office – before immediately heading over to the Lincoln Memorial where he was spotted maskless. When asked about the hypocrisy, Press Secretary Jen Psaski said there were “bigger issues to worry about in this moment in time.”

Biden also signed orders requiring travelers wear masks on nearly all forms of public transportation – which was mostly symbolic because masks were already required on public transportation nearly everywhere.

And just as “fifteen days to slow the spread” has dragged on for hundreds of days, we can expect “100 days of masks” to drag on for years.

According to Fox News:

President Biden visited the National Institutes of Health complex on Thursday and he spoke about the U.S. vaccine supply and his goals for the rollout, but he also indicated that mask-wearing will likely be a reality for the next year. 

He told reporters that even though he was standing on stage about 10 feet from Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins, he would continue to wear his mask. He said that wearing the mask “though the next year” can save a significant number of lives.

Press Secretary Psaki had foreshadowed this earlier in the month at a press conference.

Biden has made it clear that for all his criticisms of President Trump’s coronavirus response, he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing.

Prior to taking office, Biden criticized the speed of coronavirus vaccine distribution under Trump. After taking office team Biden claimed that they inherited a “nonexistent coronavirus vaccine distribution plan” – which Dr. Fauci debunked, confirming that they were not in fact starting from scratch. It appears that talking point was just to provide cover for the fact that the administration of coronavirus vaccines under Biden is occurring at just about the same pace as it was under Trump.

Biden had promised a plan to get schools open within 100 days – which quickly morphed into a plan to open schools one day per week. The CDC and Dr. Fauci have emphasized the immediate need to reopen schools, but the Biden administration doesn’t seem to be “following the science” on this one – perhaps because the Democrat Party is beholden to teacher’s unions. Earlier today 175 pediatric disease experts made their opinion on the matter clear to the New York Times: open schools now. After all, are we forgetting that it’ll be time for summer break in 100 days regardless?

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