Biden Wants to “Transform” the Country

Biden Wants to “Transform” the Country

On Sunday, Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden tweeted that should he be elected, his administration “won’t just rebuild this nation — we’ll transform it.”


Naturally, many people speculated what Biden meant, because the word “transform” generally is used when referring to something inherently bad and needs to be replaced entirely.

It could be said that Biden’s tweet may sound like an upbeat look ahead, with new innovation and ideas to continue the greatness of America and its foundations.

But it’s not.

Biden’s tweet actually sounds very much like a warning against electing him, considering that Biden tapped self-described socialist AOC to be his campaign’s climate change task force co-chair and has taken more Leftist stances than any major presidential nominee in American history. There’s little doubt that Biden, at 77 years old, would be more than a placeholder for the Left to impose whatever agenda it wants on the rest of the country. They’d “transform” the country, while Biden sits to the side watching.

Additionally, if there’s any doubt that Biden and the Left mean anything other than ripping apart the America we know and replacing it with a Leftist vision, remember the last time we heard the phrase “transform:”

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