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Biden’s Border Crisis May Force Him to Reinstate Trump-Era Policies

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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Every crisis under Joe Biden’s watch thus far has followed the same predictable cycle of the administration first denying that any such crisis exists, blaming Trump for the crisis they previously said didn’t exist, and then trying to spin any marginal improvement as a “victory” as the crisis remains.

As Afghanistan dominated the news coverage, Biden’s border crisis saw its coverage crash 96% even as it continued to further spiral out of control.

Reversing Trump’s immigration agenda via executive order was one of the first things Biden did upon taking office, and to solve the subsequent crisis that caused, he may now have to resort to reimposing the Trump-era policies he once did away with.

A new report from Politico reveals that Biden is considering rebooting some of Trump’s immigration policies, including a modified version of the “Remain in Mexico” policy that the SCOTUS recently ruled Biden couldn’t end.

“This past month it’s going to be over 200,000 [migrants crossing into the U.S.] again. They haven’t announced it yet. But, it’s going to be over 200,000. They haven’t announced it but they’re trying to find a way to spin it. But, they can’t survive this. They can’t take this beating every month. I’m sure there’s people at the White House that are not an idiot that realize that look—this is going to hurt us in the midterms” former ICE Director Tom Homan told Fox in reaction to the report.

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