Biden’s Negative Ads Continue Even After Pledging to Take Them Down

Biden’s Negative Ads Continue Even After Pledging to Take Them Down

On Friday, Joe Biden’s campaign pledged that it would take all of its negative ads off the air after President Trump announced he had contracted coronavirus.

But it looks like the Biden campaign had no intention of following through on that pledge. 

As of Sunday, according to the Trump campaign, “dozens upon dozens” of ads attacking the president are still on the air.

The Trump campaign elaborated, saying that “[N]early 100 TV ads attacking the President have aired so far today, including on channels in Pennsylvania, Maine, Arizona, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Florida.”

Fox News reports that Trump 2020 Campaign rapid response director Andrew Clark told the network that Biden has continued to attack Trump in his speeches. The Trump campaign statement added that Biden attacked Trump as “despicable” even thought a few moments earlier he said he did not want to criticize him.

Clark said that “[T]he Biden campaign tried to trick reporters into thinking they’re the ‘good guys’ and score some good headlines and tweets while doing nothing to tone down their viciousness. They lied to the media and got caught.”

The Left really is vile, and will do whatever it takes to take our President down. We cannot let them win.

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