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Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken: “Our Purpose Is Not to Contain China”

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On 60 Minutes, Joe Biden’s Secretary of State, Antony Blinken told Norah O’Donnell that the Biden Administration did not want to “contain” China, they just wanted to preserve a “rules-based social order.”

Here’s the key part of the interview:

Blinken: It is the one country in the world that has the military economic diplomatic capacity to undermine or challenge the rules based order that we, we care so much about and are determined to defend. But I want to be very clear about something, and this is important. Our purpose is not to contain China, to hold it back, to keep it down. It is to uphold this rules-based order that China is posing a challenge to. Anyone who poses a challenge to that order, we’re going to stand up and defend it.

O’Donnell: I know you say the goal is not to contain China, but have you ever seen China be so assertive or aggressive militarily?

Blinken: No, we haven’t. I think what we’ve witnessed over the last several years is China acting more repressively at home and more aggressively abroad. That is a fact.

O’Donnell: What’s China’s goal?

Blinken: I think that over time, China believes that it can be and should be and will be the dominant country in the world.

The full interview can be viewed below:

Unfortunately, these sorts of foolish comments are consistent with the Biden Administration’s attitude towards China. For whatever reason, Joe Biden has shown great weakness when it comes to China and don’t think the Chinese haven’t noticed.

Now, why are these comments weak and foolish? Well, first of all, Blinken even says that the Chinese are, “acting more repressively at home and more aggressively abroad.” So, we should want China to be weak and contained. When Blinken says we can’t manage that, it’s an admission of our weakness and China’s strength. So, is his talk of a “rules-based order.” In the real world, do you know who makes the rules in a “rules-based order?” The strongest, most dominant nations. If China does actually become, “the dominant country in the world,” we will be playing by their rules, which will be very different than the ones we have today. China’s idea of a “rules-based order” is one that serves China’s interests first, second and third.

Americans have become a very complacent people. We believe that we are guaranteed freedom, prosperity, and our place at the top of the food chain in the world and none of that is true. We are going to find that out the hard way as a nation one day if we don’t dramatically change course.

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