Bill Maher Asks Liberal Media to Stop “Scaring the S—” Out of People About COVID

Bill Maher Asks Liberal Media to Stop “Scaring the S—” Out of People About COVID
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While a man of the left himself, Bill Maher has been a constant critic of his fellow ideologues on politically correctness and social justice insanity for decades now, and more recently has resisted the COVID-19 hysteria pushed by the liberal media.

During an appearance on the insufferable Jimmy Kimmel’s show, Maher went off on the fearmongering that people like Kimmel push. “I have to cite a survey that was in The New York Times, which is a liberal paper so they weren’t looking for this answer,” Maher began by saying. “The question was, ‘What do you think the chances are that you would have to go to the hospital if you got COVID?’ And Democrats thought that was way higher than Republicans,” Maher continued. “The answer is between 1% and 5%,” but a 41% of Democrats believe it’s over 50%, and 28% think it’s 20-49%.

“70% of Democrats thought it was way, way, way higher than it really was,” Maher said. “Liberal media has to take a little responsibility for that. For scaring the s–t out of people.”

Watch below:

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