#BlackLivesMatter Protesters Rioted & Looted in Philadelphia Last Night

#BlackLivesMatter Protesters Rioted & Looted in Philadelphia Last Night

Yesterday, police in Philadelphia were called out to investigate a man with a weapon. That man was Walter Wallace, who had a knife. Wallace refused their orders to drop the knife and on video, you can see him aggressively coming towards the retreating police officers who eventually shot him to potentially save their lives. Wallace was armed with a deadly weapon, ignoring their commands, and was coming forward while brandishing the knife. He was already about 10 feet away from them, which is for law enforcement purposes, way too close for them to be safe in that situation.

Wallace’s shooting sparked a “#Blacklivesmatter protest,” which unsurprisingly at this point, turned into #Blacklivesmatter rioting” with a little looting on the side. Things got very out-of-control in Philadelphia last night. Reportedly, 30 officers were injured including a 56-year-old female officer who was hit by a car.

Large objects were thrown at the cops.

Stores were looted.

A police car was set on fire.

Police officers ran away from rioters rather than confront them.

A police officer was run over with a truck.

All this over a man with a knife aggressively advancing on police officers being shot. We can and should ask a lot of police officers, but we cannot ask them to stand by and be stabbed before they’re allowed to defend themselves. If we are going to demand that the police subdue the most deranged, dangerous, and violent people in our heavily armed society, then the reality is that some of those bad guys are going to be killed in the process. That’s just reality and people who refuse to accept that reality and use it as an excuse to riot, loot and attack officers aren’t protesters, they’re criminals that belong in jail.

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