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Blue States to Lose Power in Congress From 2020 Census

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Once every decade, the Constitution requires that we do a census of the population in the United States that is used to apportion House seats. Unfortunately, that meant that the census had to be conducted during a pandemic last year. Between that, natural disasters, and various arguments about how the Census was to be conducted, the results were delayed. However, those results will be released today and unsurprisingly, mostly liberal states appear to be on track to lose seats while conservative states appear to be on track to gain them.

According to the consulting firm Election Data Services, the states most likely to gain seats in the House are Florida (Potentially two), Texas (three), Arizona (one), Montana (one), Colorado (one), and Oregon (one). On the other hand, the states most likely to lose seats are New York (Potentially two), California (one), Illinois (one), Michigan (one), Minnesota (one), Rhode Island (one), Pennsylvania (one), Ohio (one), West Virginia (one), and Alabama (one).

Alabama is apparently very close to the bubble and it’s possible that they will not lose a seat.

Overall, red states are set to increase their net representation in Congress.

In other words, for the most part, what we’re seeing is people moving from poorly governed, crime-ridden, lockdown happy liberal states to better governed conservative states. Had the census been conducted this year, instead of last year, it’s entirely possible that those trends would have been even more severe.

Here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, we have the hottest real estate market in living memory and the generally accepted explanation is that legions of northerners that have finally gotten sick of New York, New Jersey, and the other rust belt states because of the rioting and governmental overreaction to COVID are moving here to get away. On the other side of the country, there are an awful lot of people fleeing locked down, badly run, over-taxed California for greener pastures.

Let’s just hope that all the people that fled those badly run liberal states don’t vote for the same policies that ruined their old states in their new homes.

UPDATE: Dems will lose a net three seats

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