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Boeing to Pay Smaller Fine Over Fatal Crashes Than Trump Was Fined in Bogus “Civil Fraud Trial”

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  • Source: Bongino
  • 07/08/2024
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In just the latest reminder of how rigged the system is, the Boeing corporation, recently plagued by a series of crashes and other dangerous malfunctions, will pay a fine for two crashes that's less than Donald Trump was fined over a politically-motivated witch hunt. 

According to the Shropshire Star:  

Boeing will plead guilty to a criminal fraud charge stemming from two crashes of 737 Max jetliners that killed 346 people after the American government determined the firm had breached an agreement that had protected it from prosecution for more than three years, the US justice department has said.

US federal prosecutors gave Boeing the choice last week of entering a guilty plea and paying a fine as part of its sentence or facing a trial on the felony criminal charge of conspiracy to defraud the United States.

The plea deal, which still must receive the approval of a federal judge to take effect, calls for Boeing to pay an additional $243.6 million dollar fine.

Boeing paid roughly the same amount ($243.6 million) under a 2021 settlement, but prosecutors say Boeing didn't hold up their end of the deal in making safety changes. Families will have the opportunity to object to the plea agreement. 

By contrast, in the Trump civil fraud case, which was a victimless non-crime, Trump was ordered to pay
$355 million in fines over loans that he paid back to lenders, none of whom believed themselves to have been defrauded. In other words, Trump was fined more for harming no one than Boeing was for failing to make safety changes to prevent more tragedies (the consequences of which make headlines at a seemingly weekly basis). 

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