Bongino on Fox & Friends: Media Blew Any Credibility Left After al-Baghdadi Coverage

Bongino on Fox & Friends: Media Blew Any Credibility Left After al-Baghdadi Coverage

Dan Bongino opened his interview on “Fox and Friends” this morning by saying “First, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with our special forces and there is simply nothing like them…What they did was so astoundingly brave” confronting and killing al-Baghdadi and similar terrorists.

As for the media’s coverage? Bongino said the “media really blew it” and “any credibility they thought they had left they blew it yesterday.” Speaking of al-Baghdadi, “this was a murderer, rapist, terrorist, a dog and a pig who died like the chump coward he was” and “Trump did the entire globe a favor” added Bongino.

When President Trump addressed the world to inform the public of al-Baghdadi’s successful raid, “Trump gave the speech I have been waiting for in a post 9/11 era” said Bongino. “President trump went out there for the first time and described these whimpering cowards for what they are.”

When the hosts brought up the Washington Post’s headline and coverage of the raid, Bongino lamented they were speaking about “him like he’s talking about Mary Poppins,” when in all actuality, this was a “terrorist thug who would cut the heads off of innocent men at the drop of the hat.”

Directly addressing the Washington Post, Bongino asked, “do you hate this president so much that yore willing to throw everything away, your integrity, morals, everything? We just killed one of the world’s most dangerous people, and you write about his wire frame glasses and his beard? Get your heads out of your asses, this is unbelievable.”

Finally, Bongino concluded that media “hates this president more than they love doing their jobs.”

WATCH: Dan Bongino on “Fox and Friends” Monday, October 28th

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