Bongino on ‘Hannity’ Discuss “Mean” Liberals and Tell Them to “Get a Grip”

Bongino on ‘Hannity’ Discuss “Mean” Liberals and Tell Them to “Get a Grip”

It was the revelation heard round the world when 2020 hopeful Marianna Williamson said she was shocked that liberals are “so mean.” Bongino joined the Hannity Show last night to discuss all the recent “mean” behavior from liberals including actress Debra Messing saying all Trump supporters should be blacklisted and actor Jim Carry claiming Mitch McConnell is “worse than Bin Laden.”

Bongino said, “having run for office” he is “intimately familiar with the ferocious left.” He then added the ingenious point that we [conservatives] “think liberals are people with really bad ideas, but liberals don’t think the same of us. They think we are really bad people with ideas.”

Although Geraldo says he is middle of the road politically and calls himself “roadkill” as he gets attacked from both sides, but did admit the left is “smug” and its “angering to hear the pretentiousness of liberals.”

Bongino ended the segment telling leftists to “get a grip!”

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