Bookies Bet Big on Kamala Harris for Biden VP Ahead of Announcement

Bookies Bet Big on Kamala Harris for Biden VP Ahead of Announcement

Joe Biden isn’t set to announce his Vice Presidential pick until next week, and all eyes (and dollars) are on Kamala Harris.

Earlier this week Politico’s “Running-Mate Rundown” that tracks his potential VP picks reported that on August 1st, Biden selected Kamala Harris as his VP. Either Politico has access to a time machine, insider knowledge of Biden’s pick, or simply made an error. The premature “announcement” did include a quote from Biden about the pick however, leading many to speculate that the fix is in, and Politico simply clicked “publish” by accident.

The next day a photographer snapped a close up of Biden’s notes during a public appearance that made reference to Harris, listing what he considers to be her positive attributes.


According to OddsChecker, which aggregates and tracks betting markets, Kamala’s implied probability of becoming the VP has soared on the recent news.

The odds changed from +135 (meaning you need to bet $100 to win $135) to -200 overnight (meaning you need to bet $200 to win $100). In simple terms, this suggests that her implied probability of being the Democratic VP nominee have risen from 42.55% to 66.67% – the highest it has been since the market opened.

Of note, Harris has always been the favorite, even before the new information this week.

If Biden does select Harris as his VP, he’ll be selecting the woman who not long ago implied on national television during one of the debates that he’s a racist.

Then again, maybe he just forgot about that.

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