Boston May Remove Abraham Lincoln Statue

Boston May Remove Abraham Lincoln Statue

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is in favor of taking down a statue of Abraham Lincoln standing with a freed slave.

After a petition was launched for its removal, the mayor’s office said that Walsh wants a “community discussion” about its future, and whether a “new statue commemorating the end of slavery should be commissioned to take its place,” said the New York Post, reporting from the Boston Globe.

A replica of Washington’s Emancipation Memorial, the monument was intended to show Lincoln freeing the slave, but the new petition says it isn’t good enough, saying that it “represents us still beneath someone else.”

Tory Bullock, the petition’s organizer, says that the statue, while purporting to represent freedom, actually represents submissiveness, and would like to see it replaced with a statue representing equality.

Just another example of how the Left ruins everything.

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