BREAKING: Judge Orders White House to Return Jim Acosta’s Press Pass

BREAKING: Judge Orders White House to Return Jim Acosta’s Press Pass

A federal judge ruled that the White House must return CNN reporter, Jim Acosta’s press pass.

This would allow Acosta to temporarily “regain access” to his press credentials.

Fox News reports:

Judge Kelly – who rescheduled Thursday’s planned hearing for Friday morning – heard lengthy oral arguments earlier in the week about the cable news network’s request for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction. Judge Kelly’s decision is temporary and further hearings are expected to take place in the next few weeks to determine whether or not yanking the credential violated CNN and Acosta’s First and Fifth Amendment rights.

He declared that precedent has been set that the White House should have given Acosta due process before taking away his credential and that harm to the reporter has already occurred.

The White House suspended Acosta’s press pass “until further notice” after he refused to stop interrupting the President and hand over a microphone during a press briefing last week.

CNN filed the lawsuit against the Trump White House on Tuesday and demanded his press credentials be reinstated.

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