BREAKING: New York Follows California’s Lead, Goes Into Lockdown

BREAKING: New York Follows California’s Lead, Goes Into Lockdown

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Friday morning an effective shutdown of the state in order to mitigate the damage of the Chinese coronavirus.

Cuomo held a press conference, where he stated that “…this is the most drastic action we can take,” urging New Yorkers to stay indoors to guard their health.

According to the New York Post, New York’s shutdown starts Sunday night and will:

  • Shut down all non-essential businesses across the state, leaving just grocery stores, pharmacies and other essential operations open;
  • Ban all non-solitary outside activity, like outdoor basketball games and other team sports;
  • Require all non-essential government and private sector employees work from home

Cuomo told reporters today that “…we have to do it, we have to be serious. Everyone has personal freedom and everyone has personal liberty and I’ll always protect that…but everyone also has a responsibility to everyone else.”

New York’s new order follows in a trend of other states, including California, whose governor Gavin Newsom announced a statewide “stay-at-home” order yesterday for its 40 million residents, which took effect on Friday morning at midnight.

Newsom said during a news conference that “We need to bend the curve in the state of California. There’s a social contract here. People, I think, recognize the need to do more. They will adjust and adapt as they have.” He added that, “This is a moment we need to make tough decisions. This is a moment where we need some straight talk and we need to tell people the truth.”

California’s order is similar to New York’s, where public events are canceled and most non-essential businesses are now closed. As with New York’s order, California’s essential services such as grocery stores, pharmacies and banks will stay open.

Hopefully this extreme version of social distancing will be a small price to pay to bring an end to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic sooner – but it certainly doesn’t feel small now.

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