Breaking: Stabbing Attack on London Bridge Being Treated as Terrorism

Breaking: Stabbing Attack on London Bridge Being Treated as Terrorism

British law enforcement officials are treating a stabbing incident on the London Bridge as a possible terror-related attack, according to Fox News.

“Authorities reported ‘a number of people have been injured,’ but it was unclear what the injuries were. Scotland Yard earlier said first responders were called to “a stabbing at premises near to London Bridge” just before 2 p.m. local time,” writes Fox.

British police can be seen on video struggling with the suspect and then shooting him:


Kristen Jones, an eyewitness told the BBC that her bus “came to a sudden stop because there were people running across the road”.

“It looked like there was a fight going on, there were people tussling with one each other and then I realized it was police wrestling with one tall, bearded man.”

She claimed to have heard “two loud pops and also saw a spent taser, and then the guy was lying on the floor.”

“He then pulled his coat back which showed he had some sort of vest underneath… The police then moved backwards away quickly,” she said.

Police have yet to find a motive, however, the area surrounding the London Bridge was the scene of a terror attack in June of 2017. Islamic terrorists used a vehicle to ram innocent civilians and also stabbed people to death. Eight people died and four police officers were injured.

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