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Trump and the Cops of Minnesota Pull Off Spirited Rally Despite Weeks of Liberal Opposition

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  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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For over a week we have been reporting on the various efforts that have been made to thwart President Trump’s visit to Minnesota. Once the President announced his trip, Minnesota Mayor Jacob Frey was quoted as saying:

Our entire city will stand not behind the President, but behind the communities and people who continue to make our city – and this country – great…while there is no legal mechanism to prevent the president from visiting, his message of hatred will never be welcome in Minneapolis. 

Their City Council President Lisa Bender joined the mayor’s sentiments saying Trump’s “hate is not welcome in our community but we cannot stop the visit…I know this event will cause stress and fear – the city will do all we can, and ask for support, in keeping everyone safe.”

The vile group Antifa created an opposition protest which we reported on last week, declaring that “America is CANCELED.” In a final desperate attempt, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said the president’s campaign would be on the hook for $530,000 bill to hold his rally.

Trump tweeted his response, “Someone please tell the Radical Left Mayor of Minneapolis that he can’t price out Free Speech. Probably illegal!”

Mayor Frey fired back saying, “Someone tell the President of the United States that he can afford to help pay for the extra time our officers will be putting in while he’s in town.”

Minnesota cops publicized their support for the President and his visit by selling “Cops for Trump” shirts. The shirts were dreamt up to wear in lieu of their uniforms at the rally after they were informed they were prohibited from wearing their law enforcement uniforms if they were off duty so they did not appear political. When President Trump tweeted about the shirts for sale, their website reportedly crashed from all the visits for sales.

Without doubt, after the weeklong feud, the President and the Cops of pulled off an electric rally. Many in the crowd wore the “Cops for Trump” t-shirts along with their MAGA hats. Trump even devoted some time praising the law enforcement, particularly after they swiftly removed a protestor shouted from the audience.

Trump covered virtually every topic in the book and did not hold back. He accused Joe Biden of being a good former Vice President because he was skilled at kissing Obama’s you know what. He then taunted Joe’s son, Hunter Biden, repeatedly asking “where’s Hunter.” As a matter of fact, he suggested the next round of t-shirts be made with the phrase “where’s Hunter?” on them.

Just as the president began his speech in Minneapolis, breaking news was released that the “whistleblower” worked with Biden in the Obama White House. President Trump made the announcement live on stage that he learned of the new damning information in real time as he was speaking and filled in the audience.

Of course, being in the state of venomous Representative Ilhan Omar, Trump did not hold back on a walk down memory lane of her reprehensible actions and comments. Boos erupted in the crowd followed by “four more years.” Local news reports “indicated the scores of Trump supporters, as well as pro-impeachment demonstrators, lined up hours before the event at the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis” reported Fox News. At the rally, Trump himself stated that “more than 20,000 people were inside the arena – and more than 25,000 were outside, out of nearly 100,000 who indicated online that they wanted to attend.”

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