BREAKING: Trump Campaign to Request Recount in Wisconsin

BREAKING: Trump Campaign to Request Recount in Wisconsin

Wisconsin hasn’t been called yet, but the numbers so far indicate Biden as the likely winner by a razor thin margin.

Wisconsin’s Elections Commission Administer said on NBC earlier that all ballots had been counted, and Biden has won by 20,697 votes. Trump won the state by roughly 23,000 votes in 2016.

But like potentially other states in this nail-biter of a race, the results will be contested. Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien put out the following statement: “Despite ridiculous public polling used as a voter suppression tactic, Wisconsin has been a razor thin race as we always knew that it would be. There have been reports of irregularities in several Wisconsin counties which raise serious doubts about the validity of the results. The president is well within the threshold to request a recount and we will immediately do so.”

Assuming that President Trump wins Georgia and Pennsylvania, he cannot afford to both Wisconsin and Michigan unless he picks up Arizona. While Fox News and the Associated Press have called Arizona for Biden, the Trump campaign is staying optimistic, predicting a win by 30,000 votes by the time all ballots are counted.


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