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BREAKING-Trump Gives Military Briefing; Says Time for Europe to Step Up

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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President Trump has just finished giving a military briefing to defend his actions in Syria. “I was going to do this nine months ago but we were not at 100%” of defeating the ISIS caliphate. “Now I am 100 percent and people want to stay, but how long do we stay?” said President Trump.

One serious issue the President sought to clarify is that “we are not fighting, we are policing to an extent.” In essence, there is a difference between an active fight with an intended outcome to win, and simply policing a stagnant situation. “At some point we have to bring our people back home” Trump continued.

The President also insisted that this was not an immediate decision made in one phone call, but that “we’ve been doing this over a long period of time. our soldiers have been coming back” over time.

Ultimately what the President’s decision seems to have boiled down to is that other countries are not pulling their weight and American taxpayers are suffering paying for a never ending war, and our servicemen and women are continuing to die to protect other nations who won’t do it themselves.

What we have is “thousands of ISIS fighters and their families, many of them come out of Europe” therefore Trump said, “I told them you have to take these people back and give them trials, and they said they don’t want to.”

So what we have ended up with is Europeans failing to take any responsibility in the aftermath of their failure to ideologically conquer ISIS in their respective nations. “You gotta take them back,” Trump reiterated. “American taxpayers aren’t paying for sixty, seventy-thousand people. we did a great favor, we defeated the caliphate 100% and it’s up to everyone else to take them back.”

In conclusion, “we are going to have to rely on European nations” as well as “Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Russia” but American taxpayers and soldiers will not be responsible, and will not “spend fifty years or whatever it may be” to police ISIS prisoners, and will not bring thousands of fighters to the United States “such as Guantanamo” or “American prisons.”

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