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Brennan Admits He May Have Had “Bad Information” on Mueller Probe

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Former CIA Director John Brennan is admitting that he may have received “bad information” on the Mueller probe after predicting just two weeks ago that Mueller could be indicting more Trump associates.

Speaking to MSNBC’s Morning Joe yesterday, Brennan was asked if he was surprised by Mueller’s findings of no Trump-Russia collusion.

“Well, I don’t know if I received bad information but I suspected there was more than there actually was…” he replied.

On March 8, Brennan told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, “I smell more indictments” coming.  “I’m hoping and I believe that Bob Mueller and his team are going to uncover a lot more that is unknown. There is a lot that special counsel’s office has been involved in,” he said.

Brennan is known for tweeting vitriolic, hate-filled messages to the President, especially regarding the Mueller investigation.

Last year, after Trump tweeted that former DIA Director James Clapper lied about the Russia dossier leaks to CNN, Brennan replied, “…you diminish the Office of the Presidency.”

In June, Brennan issued a scathing op-ed in the Washington Post, explaining that he speaks out publicly against the president “for the simple reason that Mr. Trump is failing to live up to the standards that we should all expect of a president.”

Last March, the former CIA Director called the President a “charlatan” after Trump criticized the Obama administration for opening an investigation into his campaign without any evidence of wrongdoing.

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