C-SPAN Overwhelmed by Dem Callers Saying They Now Support Trump

C-SPAN Overwhelmed by Dem Callers Saying They Now Support Trump

Earlier this week, we reported a caller told C-SPAN that even though he was a lifelong Democrat, watching the Republican National Convention convinced him to vote Republican.

Apparently, this was the start of a major trend.

The Federalist reported that C-SPAN had to change their phone line labels due to many Democrats calling in to say that they are supporting President Trump this time.

From the Federalist:

“Before the Republican National Convention, C-SPAN’s open phone lines were labeled as open for ‘Democrats,’ ‘Republicans,’ and ‘Other’ viewers to call into and share their opinions on-air.

“After Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, however, C-SPAN received an influx of callers who identified as Democrat but said they would be voting for Trump in November.

“Due to the increasing nature of these calls, the network adjusted the phone lines to encompass those who ‘Support Trump,’ ‘Support Biden,’ and ‘Support Others.’”


The Federalist then gives examples of these callers:

“‘I’m a longtime Democrat, born and raised … After watching tonight … I have made up my mind. I am definitely gonna vote for Donald Trump,’ said one of the many voters who dialed in.

“‘The DNC—I turned off…they didn’t name any policies; it was just depression … I’m voting for Trump,’ one caller stated.

“‘[President Trump] is fighting for Americans … I used to be a Democrat…I’ve switched completely—I’m now Republican, voting Republican all the way. No more Democrat for me,’ another said.

“‘I’m from Minnesota, where all these riots and looting and the burning started, and, I mean, not a mention about us last week, about saving our communities, helping our homeless, rebuilding our businesses,’ said one woman. ‘This [Republican] convention, just in the last two nights, has awakened me that there is hope—that there are people that are willing to fight for us.’”

“‘I didn’t vote for Trump, but I am nowMost definitely. The riots going on … is that what we really want? I don’t think so. It’s amazing how the Democrat Party has changed,’ she added.”

And the Democrats know this. Their polling has plummeted, which is why they’re now trying to get in front of the riots and tepidly condemn them.

Luckily, we all know what they’re up to and we won’t fall for it.

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