CA Gov Newsom Investigating Oil Companies to Detract From Damaging Gov’t Regulations

CA Gov Newsom Investigating Oil Companies to Detract From Damaging Gov’t Regulations

California Governor Gavin Newsom is facing a frantic public as gas prices continue to rise and the state suffers from loss of power. California’s public utility Pacific Gas & Electric decided to shutoff power for days beginning October 9th to “curb the risk of wildfires in the northern part of the state.” Democratic strategy, of course, is to deflect. Governor Newsom asked his attorney general to “investigate oil companies for conspiring to keep gas prices artificially high.”

Gas prices for a gallon of gas in California costs more than in the rest of the country, but oil companies may not be the culprit as Newsom suggests. The Daily Caller reports “years of tax increases, pricey fees and a lack of infrastructure in California are more to blame than a vast conspiracy concocted by big oil.”

Governor Jerry Brown, Newsom’s predecessor, signed a law in 2017 imposing a 12 cents a gallon increase, and added charges to annual vehicle license fees. According to the Daily Caller, “Opponents of the law managed to place a voter referendum on the 2018 November ballot to repeal the gas tax. It would have reportedly lowered the price of gasoline in the state to $2 a gallon by 2021, Politico reported in 2018.” The initiative failed, leaving Californians to suffer.

Congressional candidate Carl DeMaio, who campaigned against the gas tax said in a statement, “Newsom is using his phony investigation to draw attention away from his own fraud on gas prices – namely the raids he ordered on our gas revenues that shift money from road repairs to his pet projects.”

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