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CA Politicians Can’t Accept Policy Choices Played Part in Wildfire Horrors

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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The second round of devastating fires in just a year is taking its toll on Californians, both physically and emotionally. PG&E, the company that was forced to cut power to 2.3 million of Californias to stop the “bleed” of the fire, is being blamed for the fire in the first place. In reality, their actions are simply desperate actions resulting from strict liberal rules and regulations for the state. PG&E has to play damage control when situations are beyond repair.

As Fox Business’ Stuart Varney notes, it is in fact the “one-party state” government that is the cause. He accused leadership of bowing to “climate warriors, public sector unions and the very liberal coastal elites” that are to blame. It is not the employees of PG&E who have been targeted and harassed while out in public.

Stuart Varney said, “Just look at PG&E, which is getting all the blame for the fires and the blackouts. They’re not allowed to clear dead trees near their power lines. … The ‘greens’ insist on minimal forest management. PG&E is forced to spend billions buying expensive wind and solar power … an extra $2.2 billion each and every year — money that cannot be spent on fireproofing.”

Now Californians will be paying much higher taxes, electricity rates and insurance rates. Thanks progressive liberals ruining, I mean running, the state of California.

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