California Professor With Ties to China Blames Trump for Coronavirus

California Professor With Ties to China Blames Trump for Coronavirus

This article is republished with permission from The National Pulse 

By: Natalie Winters

Chapman University Professor and de facto Chinese Communist Party propagandist Dr. Jia Wenshan blamed President Trump for the novel coronavirus, alleging he’s a “white supremacist” that must be “swept into the basket of history” in an op-ed for the state-run Chinese media outlet China Global Television Network.

While Jia is a professor of communications at the California-based school, he also retains an affiliation with several China-based institutions. He’s an adjunct professor at Shandong University, a research fellow at Renmin University’s National Academy for Development and Strategy, and a senior fellow at the CCP-linked Center for China and Globalization.

And he’s consistently applauded China’s ascent to power.

In fact, he coined the awkward term “Chiglobalization” in 2009, which he defines as “the increasing global relevance, global presence, global influence, and global leadership of China.” He even authored the book “Greater China in an Era of Globalization.” 

Given President Trump’s firm rejection of the “false song of globalism” and aptitude for preventing China’s continued siphoning of American jobs, Jia is no fan of his.

In Jia’s latest tirade against the president, an op-ed entitled “The Trump Administration Is Responsible For The Triple Pandemics” for state-owned outlet CGTN, he pins the virus itself, ensuing economic fallout, and alleged escalation of racism on President Trump.

“Removal of Trumpism would be an effective cure to the tri-calamities,” he summarizes.

Jia rebukes President Trump’s virus response, noting it only “appease[s] and please[s] populists and White supremacists by fanning racial hatred against people of Asian descent.”

“The Trump administration is characterized by White supremacy and xenophobia,” he rationalizes.

And President Trump’s failures transcend coronavirus: his administration has “failed to make America great again. Instead, it has made America decline again, politically, economically and culturally.”

Jia’s solution?

“The U.S. and the world would be much better off without the Trump administration’s ideology. To end the triple crises, it must be swept into the basket of history,” Jia proposes.

The article is not out of line with his past work: Jia has glorified how China is “shifting from a participant to a leader of the new world order,” declared the CCP’s Belt and Road Initiative “good for the world,” and proclaimed the “US can’t stop China’s rise all of the time.”

He even criticized President Trump’s State of the Union address, alleging “the State of the Union is not strong, grudgingly strong, or partially strong” which could be mended if “the populist, protectionist, unilateral policies are stopped.”

In response to the National Pulse’s request for comment, Chapman University’s Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Communications responded: “Chapman University is firmly committed to the principles of academic freedom and free speech.”

While freedom of speech is a paramount and fleeting luxury on American college campuses, given the suspicious nature of CCP involvement and investment in American institutions and Xi’s 2016 diktat that “wherever the readers are, wherever the viewers are, that is where propaganda reports must extend their tentacles,” there’s a solid chance that pro-China, anti-Trump commentary isn’t “free speech” but rather CCP-funded propaganda.

And narratives like Jia’s help prop up the CCP, a communist regime with no reverence for the freedom of speech.

This report follows House Republicans launching an investigation into the CCP’s infiltration into American schools, in addition to the countless instances of intellectual property theft and Confucius Institute-sponsored propaganda campaigns.

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