Candace Owens Slams Dems on Voter ID: I Was Able to Get One “Because I’m Smarter Than a Fifth Grader”

Candace Owens Slams Dems on Voter ID: I Was Able to Get One “Because I’m Smarter Than a Fifth Grader”
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In an appearance on Tucker Carlson tonight, commentator Candace Owens talked about the radical new H.R. 1 voting bill that’s designed to restructure American elections both to make it easier for people to cheat and to give Democrats a huge advantage at the ballot box.

In particular, Owens mocked Democrats over their claims that demanding ID to vote is “voter suppression.”

“I’m so excited to announce to the world that I was actually able to secure government-issued ID. Because I am smarter than a fifth grader, and this is such the bigotry of low expectations…the idea that black Americans are wandering around like Neanderthals. How did we do it? How did everybody do this? This would mean we’ve never been to a hotel room, we can’t get hotel rooms, we can’t rent a car, we can’t buy a car. We can’t buy liquor, cigarettes, all the things that require a simple form of identification. That means black Americans don’t even have a bank account, Tucker. Can you imagine? We’re running around, ‘how do we do it?’ because we can’t Google ‘DMV near me’ and get there and provide basic, you know, pieces of education. It’s so insulting. ….The truth is that (Democrats) perceive black Americans as stupid and emotional.”

Tucker Carlson added that if Democrats really believed there were all these people that needed IDs but were unable to get them, that they would start a program to help get them IDs. He said he would probably even support it if there was a genuine need for it since people need it to work and have a place to live. Of course, getting an ID is actually extremely easy. In most states, you can even get a government-issued ID card for free if, for some reason, you can’t afford the small fee.

In fact, getting an ID is such a trivial task with so many rewards to it, that in a more sane society, we’d just generally accept the idea that if you’re not competent enough to get an ID, you’re not competent enough to vote. In addition, the insulting claim by Democrats that black Americans can’t manage to do something so simple is a dodge. Democrats just want to make it easier to cheat, but they can’t say that out loud, so that’s their ridiculous excuse. It’s good to see Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens calling them out on it.

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