Candace Owens Slams Hypocrite BLM Co-Founder

Candace Owens Slams Hypocrite BLM Co-Founder
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Black Lives Matter had an epic fundraising year in 2020, bringing in over $90 million. That money was raised through the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, which said it committed $21.7 million in grant funding to official and unofficial BLM chapters, and 30 black-led organizations. They still had $60 million in cash on hand by the end of 2020.

At the local level, some set up chapters to cash in. In September 2020 an Atlanta-based activist was charged federally, having allegedly spent over $200k in donations intended for the BLM movement.

And this is no new phenomenon. It was reported in April of 2018 that the largest Black Lives Matter Facebook page was fake – with its owner being an Australian man who brought in at least $100k through fundraising on the page. To be fair, BLM supporters appear to be an easy bunch to scam – they even scam themselves. The “Black Lives Matter Foundation,” a group that has no connection to the BLM movement and opposes defunding the police received millions in donations after Floyd’s death by people simply mistaking them for who they meant to donate to.

BLM leader Patrisse Cullors at least enriched herself legally from the cause, as we’ve learned from recent reports on her real estate binge. She purchased four high-end homes for a total of $3.2 million according to property records. Last month she purchased a $1.4 million home – showing solidarity with her community by doing so in a  Los Angeles town that’s 1.4% black and 88% white.

This comes despite Cullors describing herself and the other BLM co-founders as “trained Marxists.”

Last night during an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Candance Owens railed against her hypocrisy. “She has my respect because she’s unapologetic in her approach. She is telling you what she is — she’s a Marxist. Marxists steal money from other people and they enrich themselves… She has stolen money from other people on the pretext of a lie that is black lives matter and she has enriched herself and she has bought four homes. You have to appreciate the honesty. She is not hiding by any means. She is a Communist through and through and she has been unbelievably unapologetic in her approach.”

Watch it in its entirety below:


In an amusing 2014 interview with radio host Jesse Lee Peterson, he pressed Cullors repeatedly on the question “do you support capitalism?” She vaguely replied that she supports some unspecified system that works the best for everyone, leading to Peterson continuing to ask the question.

She then hung up on him.

Now we know the answer.

Matt Palumbo is the author of Dumb and Dumber: How Cuomo and de Blasio Ruined New YorkDebunk This: Shattering Liberal Lies, and Spygate


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