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Ep. 1032 Don’t Dare Back Away From This Fight

In this episode I address President Trump’s tweet about Baltimore and cities run into the ground by Democrats. I also address a weekend interview...
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Ep. 1031 The Liberal Losses Are Piling Up

In this episode I address a confrontation on Capitol Hill which every conservative needs to see regarding deplatforming. I also address more...
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Ep. 1030 The Democrats Are In Tears

In this episode I address the abomination on Capitol Hill known as the Mueller hearing. I also address John Solomon’s explosive new report on this...
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Ep. 1029 A Fiasco on Capitol Hill

In this episode I break down the highlights of the disastrous Mueller hearing.
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Ep. 1028 Who is “Charli”?

In this episode I address the explosive spying scandal that’s currently unraveling within the FBI. I cover the troubling new allegations that Jim...
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Ep. 1027 Another Liberal Hoax Exposed

In this episode I address the latest liberal media hoax to completely collapse upon further inspection. I also address stunning new revelations of...
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Ep. 1026 The Media Panic & Coverup Continues

In this episode I address the exploding Ilhan Omar scandal and the media’s desperate efforts to cover it up. I also address stunning hypocrisy by...
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Ep. 1025 Why Are The Media Ignoring this Bombshell?

AUDIO ONLY: Subscribe: iTunes | iHeartRADIO | Stitcher | Android | RSS | SoundCloud | Spotify In this episode I address the explosive scandal...
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Ep. 1024 This Video on Big Tech Should Frighten Everyone

In this episode I address the frightening ability of big tech to manipulate election outcomes. I also cover the disintegrating immigration debate and...
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Ep. 1023 The Worst Press Conference Ever

In this episode I address the disastrous, Trump-bashing press conference by “the squad” and the real reasons they’re doing what they’re...
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Ep. 1022 The Immigration Crisis Explodes

In this episode I address the exploding immigration crisis. We show some incredible video and audio of Democrats getting destroyed on Capitol Hill...
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Ep. 1021 The Libs Finally Reveal Their Real Plan

In this episode I address the stunning comments by this prominent liberal about their real plans for the economy. I also address what happened at the...
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