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79% of Businesses Plan to Add Jobs, Many Say Trump Tax Cuts Help

A large majority of business leaders say they plan to add more jobs in 2019, and many say the Trump tax cuts have helped their businesses, according to a new Zogby Analytics Poll highlighted in the Washington Examiner.

The Examiner reports:

A survey of owners, chief executive officers, vice presidents, officers, administrators and directors found that 79 percent are putting plans in place to hire more employees.  And broadly, said the new Zogby Analytics Poll, executives are citing the tax cut for continued expansion. “What we found was an optimistic, yet somewhat cautious outlook for business this year,” said the analysis. 

Also uncovered in the survey, 55 percent of businesses said it was “unlikely” they would layoff employees this year and almost half said the tax cuts help their bottom line, compared to just 13 percent of businesses that say the tax cuts will “hurt” them.

Zogby’s report notes that “Business leaders are optimistic about hiring in 2019, which could point to optimism about the economy, even though there are domestic issues, such as, the partial government shutdown and a stock market entering bear territory.”

When it comes to the Trump tax cuts, Zogby points out, “Not all businesses will benefit from the Tax Cuts, but it’s suffice to say the law will not hurt businesses either, which could help explain the high number of businesses, especially small businesses, that said they plan to hire in 2019.”

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Former Top FBI Official Revealed as Subject of Criminal Leak Investigation

Former FBI General Counsel James Baker has been under investigation for leaking to the media, according to a letter from House Republicans.

The letter, from Congressmen Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) asks U.S. Attorney John Durham for an update on his investigation into Baker’s media leaks.

It was revealed that the former top attorney at the FBI was under investigation for leaking to the media during a fall congressional interview, where Baker’s attorney, Daniel Levin told lawmakers, “You may or may not know, [Baker has] been the subject of a leak investigation … a criminal leak investigation that’s still active at the Justice Department.” Levin’s statement was included in the letter from Meadows and Jordan.

The Congressmen write to Durham, “As we continue our oversight and investigative work, we felt it prudent to write to you seeking an update. Without being apprised of the contours of your leak investigation and Baker’s role, we run the risk of inadvertently interfering with your prosecutorial plans.”

Fox News Reports:

The transcript of the closed-door interview and the letter do not include details explaining why the investigation is being led out of the Connecticut office. The status of the investigation is not publicly known. But the disclosure marks the latest confirmation of a leak investigation involving FBI figures who have since left the bureau.

Baker’s congressional testimony made headlines last fall when it was revealed that he believed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was “serious” when telling colleagues he wanted to secretly record President Trump.

While Baker himself was not in the room with Rosenstein when he made the comments, two of his associates were: FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and FBI lawyer, Lisa Page. Both McCabe and Page allegedly took Rosenstein seriously and conveyed that to Baker.

Media Malpractice Continues: Network News Coverage of Trump in 2018 was 90% Negative

A vast majority of the evening network news coverage of President Trump’s second year in office has been overwhelmingly negative, according to a new study by the Media Research Center (MRC).

MRC’s study found that 90% of news coverage of the President from ABC, CBS and NBC carried negative tones, with only 10% of coverage having a positive tone.

Trump’s presidency accounted for 28 percent of all evening news airtime, equaling almost 87 hours of coverage. Surprisingly, this is down from 2017 when evening news shows spent 99 hours covering the president.

Of course, the Russia investigation dominated the networks’ coverage of President Trump, devoting 858 minutes or airtime to the topic. Since January of 2017, the big three networks covered the Russia probe for 2,092 minutes.

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Democrats Reject Trump’s Invitation for Border Security Meeting at White House

Democratic lawmakers rejected President Trump’s invitation for a border security meeting today at the White House.

Fox News reports:

A senior administration official told Fox News that the president had invited Democrats to join his lunch with members of Congress in the Roosevelt Room shortly after noon. But moments before the session, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement that nobody took them up on the offer.

Sanders said in her statement, “The President has a proposal on the table that includes additional technology at ports of entry, allows minors from Central America to seek asylum in their home country, and physical barriers between ports of entry made of steel instead of concrete. Today, the President offered both Democrats and Republicans the chance to meet for lunch at the White House. Unfortunately, no Democrats will attend. The President looks forward to having a working lunch with House Republicans to solve the border crisis and reopen the government. It’s time for the Democrats to come to the table and make a deal.”

The President didn’t invite Speaker Pelosi to the meeting, and instead reached out to rank-and-file members. Pelosi gave her blessing for the members to attend, however, they ultimately decided to boycott the meeting.

Last Wednesday, the President walked out on a meeting with Pelosi and Schumer after they refused to budge on the border wall.

The President tweeted after the brief meeting, “Just left a meeting with Chuck and Nancy, a total waste of time. I asked what is going to happen in 30 days if I quickly open things up, are you going to approve Border Security which includes a Wall or Steel Barrier? Nancy said, NO. I said bye-bye, nothing else works!”

Poll: Support for Trump Border Wall Reaches All-Time High

Support for a wall along the southern border has reached an all-time high since Donald Trump announced his plans for one, according to a new ABC and Washington Post poll released on Sunday.

Forty-two percent of Americans support the wall, up from 34 percent one year ago and up from the previous high of 37 percent in 2017.

The Washington Examiner reports, “With 54 percent, the majority of Americans polled still oppose building a border wall. However, that opposition is shrinking, as 63 percent opposed the wall a year ago and the previous low was 60 percent two years ago.”

The survey was released just one day before a new migrant caravan began its journey from Honduras to the United States and just months after the first caravan reached the U.S.-Mexico border.

In November, migrants from the original caravan attempted to storm the U.S. border, prompting U.S. Border Patrol to temporarily close the San Ysidro Port of Entry.

Last week, a Politico and Morning Consult poll found that a whopping 79 percent of Americans believe there is either a “crisis” or a “problem” at the U.S. border.

In December alone, U.S. border agents apprehended a record number of family units– 27,518. They were among a total of 60,728 migrants attempting to illegally cross the border last month.

As President Trump pointed out in his address to the nation last week, “In the last two years, I.C.E. Officers made 266,000 arrests of aliens with criminal records including those charged or convicted of 100,000 assaults, 30,000 sex crimes, and 4,000 violent killings.”

NOTE: This post has been updated to clarify that support for the border wall has reached an all time high since President Trump proposed the construction of one.

New Migrant Caravan Heading to United States

Between 600 and 800 migrants gathered in Honduras yesterday where they formed a caravan and began making their way to the United States.

The caravan left the city of San Pedro Sula in the early morning, and as they walked, according to AP, some migrants were pleading with store owners for food and water for their journey.

Many of the migrants interviewed by Reuters seem to be looking for work. Twenty four-year-old caravan member Darwin Perez told the publication, “I’m determined to find a good job in the United States. It’s a difficult road ahead but I hope President Trump’s heart might soften, and that he won’t be so hard and will let us enter.”

Reuters writes, “Other migrants, some traveling with spouses and children, echoed Perez’s dream to find work in the United States.”

President Trump has responded to the latest caravan on Twitter, writing, “A big new Caravan is heading up to our Southern Border from Honduras. Tell Nancy and Chuck that a drone flying around will not stop them. Only a Wall will work. Only a Wall, or Steel Barrier, will keep our Country safe! Stop playing political games and end the Shutdown!”

He also wrote that public opinion that there is a border crisis is continuing to rise, tweeting, “Polls are now showing that people are beginning to understand the Humanitarian Crisis and Crime at the Border. Numbers are going up fast, over 50%. Democrats will soon be known as the Party of Crime. Ridiculous that they don’t want Border Security!”

Stacey Abrams “Wouldn’t Oppose” Non-Citizens Voting in Local Elections

Failed Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said she would be open to non-citizens voting in certain local elections and in some cases, even allowing 16-year-olds to vote.

When asked by host Margaret Hoover on PBS’ “Firing Line” what she thought of certain municipalities allowing non citizens to vote in local elections, Abrams replied, “I think there’s a difference between municipal and state and federal. The granularity of what cities decide is so specific, as to, I think, allow for people to be participants in the process without it somehow undermining our larger democratic ethic that says that you should be a citizen to be a part of the conversation.”

Hoover asked, “So, in some cases, you would be supportive of non-citizens voting?”

“I wouldn’t be — I wouldn’t oppose it,” said Abrams.

Abrams also said she was supportive of 16-year-olds voting in certain scenarios.

“I think school board elections where kids actually got to speak to the effect of the decisions made by the school board members, the effect it has on their education,” she said. “I think there is legitimate argument for having that conversation. I haven’t decided where I stand on it, but I think that’s a conversation we need to have.”

WWII Veteran Receives 50,000 Birthday Cards After Daughter’s Plea Goes Viral

A World War II veteran and Purple Heart recipient has received over 50,000 cards for his 96th birthday after his daughter’s plea on social media went viral.

Sue Morse recently posted a message on Facebook asking her friends to send birthday wishes to her veteran father, Duane Sherman, whom she wanted to make feel special for his Dec. 30 birthday.

Expecting maybe 160 cards, Morse was shocked when over 50,000 cards and letters poured in from all 50 states and 10 countries, thanking her father for his service and wishing him a happy birthday.

The Secretary of the Navy sent a letter, as well as the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“I was amazed, shocked and appreciative,” Sherman told the Orange County Register. “All the good comments people made, it just brightened my day.”

The OC Register writes:

The mail also brought gifts of mementos such as an American flag that flew over Pearl Harbor, a scale model of a battleship and a plaque carved out of wood from the U.S.S. Constitution.

The rock band Foreigner sent a signed double CD.

Sherman even received a card sent from a family living in a motel after losing their home in the Paradise fires.

“It was very gratifying,” Sherman said. “It was hard to believe.”

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Jim Acosta’s facepalm moment at the border

Jim Acosta may want to steer clear of his comrades in the liberal media for a while — at least until he manages to extract the loafer from his mouth.

In a single overzealous tweet, Acosta managed to prove both Donald Trump and Kellyanne Conway, two of his greatest adversaries, correct.

While covering President Trump’s trip to the southern border, CNN’s Jim Acosta made one of the great unforced errors of fake opinion journalism by inadvertently discrediting his own opposition to a border wall.

Acosta was widely mocked on social media after posting a video Thursday that was intended to downplay the President’s claims of a border crisis — but which actually ended up supporting the case that border barriers improve security.

“Here are some of the steel slats that the president’s been talking about,” Acosta said in a video shot next to a section of border wall. “But as we’re walking along here, we’re not seeing any kind of imminent danger.”

Acosta clearly meant to mock President Trump for calling the situation on our southern border a “crisis,” but the video could just as easily have been an ad produced by the Trump Campaign. All it lacked was a little message at the end saying, “I’m Donald Trump and I approve this message.”

Not only did the glib gambit backfire, it also came at a particularly embarrassing time for Acosta — just two days after Kellyanne Conway publicly chastised him for being a “smarta**.”

Compounding his blunder, Acosta included a caption that stated the accidental point even more clearly, writing, “I found some steel slats down on the border. But I don’t see anything resembling a national emergency situation … at least not in the McAllen TX area of the border where Trump will be today.”

Conservatives — including White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders; Donald Trump, Jr.; and even President Trump himself — quickly responded on social media by thanking Acosta for making the case for a border wall so effectively.

That’s the problem with fake news, of which Acosta is perhaps the premier purveyor: you have to be extremely careful about how you present it, lest the facts get in the way of the fictional narrative you’re trying to weave.

On the other side of the state from where Acosta posted his fateful video is the town of El Paso, Texas, which offers a perfect example of why Acosta had so much trouble contradicting the President’s argument for a border wall.

Federal data show that a border wall has significantly reduced both illegal immigrant crossings and crime in Texas’ sixth-largest city — even though it borders Juarez, one of Mexico’s most dangerous locales.

The number of illegal immigrants apprehended by Border Patrol agents fell drastically over the six-year period after the town’s border wall was built. Before the project began in 2006, illegal crossings averaged 122,261 per year. By 2012, after the 131-mile stretch of wall was completed, illegal immigrant crossings were below 9,700 per year — a decrease of over 90 percent.

In fact, border walls have proven effective just about everywhere they’ve been tried — not just here in America, but all over the world.

A wall worked perfectly along Israel’s border with Egypt, for instance, reducing illegal immigration by an astounding 99 percent. In 2011, before the wall was built, about 16,000 illegal immigrants poured into Israel across its western border. After the 143-mile fence was finished, fewer than 20 illegal immigrants made it across that same border throughout all of 2016.

Hungary experienced similar success after building a wall to address a flood of nearly 1,000 illegal border crossings per day. Once the government erected a 100-mile fence along its borders with Croatia and Serbia, illegal immigration plummeted by 99.7 percent in just two years.

If America were to secure its southern border with fencing and natural as well as man-made barriers in similar fashion, the bucolic scene that Acosta described in his video could well become the norm along the entirety of our nearly 2,000-mile border with Mexico.

Jim Acosta made himself into a household name with partisan attacks on President Trump masquerading as “news” reporting. His “smarta**” hectoring never succeeded in doing much damage to President Trump’s political standing, but it may have just cost him his own standing among the anti-Trump fake news media.

Triggered College Students Protest This Photo of Heroic Police Officer Killed in Line of Duty

A group of students at the University of California, Davis claim a photograph of a slain police officer holding a pro-police flag is “anti-black” and “disrespectful,” according to Fox News.

The photograph is of 22-year-old Davis police officer Natalie Corona, who was gunned down on January 11 while responding to a car crash.

Corona posted photos of herself on social media holding the Thin Blue Line flag in 2016, with the caption, “I would like this photograph to serve as my gratitude for all of those law enforcement men and women who have served, who are currently serving, and those who have died in the line of duty protecting our liberties in this great country.”

Since her death, many have circulated the image as a way to honor the fallen officer, which is disturbing to some snowflake students at UC Davis.

Fox reports that in a now-deleted Facebook post, the Associated Students, UC-Davis Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission wrote, “The flag is blatantly anti-Black and disrespectful.”

“We see it necessary to call-out all community members who continue to post and disseminate images of the Blue Lives Matter flag online. We would like to directly address that this flag represents an attempt by law enforcement to undermine the Black Lives Matter movement.”

The commission also offered help for students “triggered by this event and the circulating images of a flag that has been popularized by the ‘Blue Lives Matter’ crowd.”

They wrote that “flashing lights, sirens and increased police presence” can trigger “black and brown people.”

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