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Interview 2 with Donald Trump Jr

AUDIO ONLY: In this episode, I interviews Donald Trump Jr. about his new book “Triggered” available here.
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Ep. 1115 The Impeachment Farce Falls Flat, Again

AUIDO ONLY:  Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | iHeartRADIO | Stitcher | Android | RSS | SoundCloud | Spotify In this episode I address the latest...
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Ep. 1114 The Democrats’ Impeachment Fiasco Implodes

In this episode, I address the fireworks on Capitol Hill as the Democrats’ own impeachment witnesses make the case that Trump is being falsely...
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Ep. 1113 Fireworks Explode at the Hoax Impeachment Hearing

In this episode, I address the catastrophic meltdown of the Democrats’ hoax impeachment hearings. I also address the stunning connections between...
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Ep. 1111 The Impeachment Scandal’s Strange Connections

In this episode, I address the ongoing soft coup against Trump through the faux impeachment and its strange ties to the explosive Spygate scandal.
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