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CBS Uses Italian Hospital Footage When Talking About U.S. – AGAIN!

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What the heck is going on over at CBS News?

On March 22nd, “CBS This Morning” aired a segment about skyrocketing coronavirus cases in New York – yet used footage from an Italian hospital in the background when talking about the crisis. CBS later explained that “It was an editing mistake. We took immediate steps to remove it from all platforms and shows.”

Then less than two weeks later they uncritically re-posted a video of a nurse crying about the lack of masks at her hospital and quitting. CBS also took the liberty to add dramatic background music to the original video before republishing it with their own commentary. It was quickly discovered that the hospital did in fact provide their nurses with masks, and that the nurse from the viral video was returning to work after a year… and quit on her first day back on the job. CBS could’ve learned all that by simply calling the hospital before running with an unverified and uncorroborated story, but I guess that would’ve required them to be actual journalists.

So those are two pretty embarrassing errors within a time-span of roughly three weeks. I’m sure they’ve at least learned from their mistakes, right?


As Breitbart’s John Notle reported, over the weekend CBS AGAIN used the same footage of an Italian hospital when talking about a Philadelphia hospital.

Here’s the video:

Hopefully it was just an editing mistake – one they’ll take immediate steps to remove from all platforms and shows!

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