China Wants to Attack U.S. Electric Grid

China Wants to Attack U.S. Electric Grid

China has, apparently using stolen American technology, developed at least three types of high-tech weapons and plans to bring a new “Pearl Harbor” by attacking the electric grid and other key technologies to send America into a deadly blackout, reports the Washington Examiner.

The Examiner raises a report from the independent EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security, which says that China now has a network of satellites, high-speed missiles and “super-electromagnetic pulse” weapons that have the capacity to melt the electric grid, fry critical communications, and stifle aircraft carrier groups.

The report, written by the task force’s executive director and long-time expert on EMP warfare, Peter Pry, says that China developed the weapons as part of its “Total Information Warfare,” which includes hacking raids on computers. The report revealed new data showing that the ChiComs are lying and plan to shoot first with high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) weapons launched from satellites, ships, and land, even though China has promised to attack only in response to an attack.

Pry states that “China’s military doctrine — including numerous examples presented here of using HEMP attack to win on the battlefield, defeat U.S. aircraft carriers, and achieve against the U.S. homeland a surprise ‘Pearl Harbor’ writ large — is replete with technical and operational planning consistent with a nuclear first-strike.” The report also outlines China’s weaponry, which includes a “Super EMP” weapon, hypersonic weapons, and nuclear armed EMP satellites.

The report can be viewed here.


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