Club for Growth Takes on Fake Conservative Group “The Lincoln Project”

Club for Growth Takes on Fake Conservative Group “The Lincoln Project”

Earlier this week, Club for Growth Action, a conservative group that endorses, recruits and fundraises for candidates nationwide, decided to take on the #NeverTrump psuedoconservative group The Lincoln Project, exposing them as nothing close to conservative, but actually a Democrat front group.

Club for Growth set up the website, as well as a TV advertisement, showing how the group is made up of nothing but bitter former GOP grifters, as opposed to the “principled” opposition to President Trump that they claim to be.

Club for Growth Action President David McIntosh stated:

“The Lincoln Project has nothing to do with principle, and everything to do with lining the pockets of failed consultants by attacking conservatives,” said Club for Growth Action President, David McIntosh. “While the group is the darling of the liberal media, the fact is that it’s a Democrat front group and one of the least efficient ways for anti-Trumpers to spend their political dollars.”

The statement by Club for Growth Action also said that, “[F]inancial disclosures show that 90% of the Lincoln Project’s donations go directly into their own pockets.”

They have also gone from phony righteous opposition to Trump to supporting opponents of incumbent Republicans in key races nationwide, such as Senators Steve Daines, Cory Gardner and Susan Collins. Needless to say, they’ve been shilling for Joe Biden as well.

All while they hang out with Leftists and mock conservatives as uneducated, ignorant hillbillies. Principled, uncompromising conservatives, indeed.

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