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CNN and MSNBC See Ratings Plunge as Networks No Longer Have Trump to Cover

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  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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Cable news networks CNN and MSNBC have seen rating plunge in the first few weeks of the Biden Administration, signaling trouble for outlets that centered their coverage around criticism of Donald Trump.

From Hot Air:

The bad news for CNN and MSNBC: Donald Trump turned out to be correct about their business model. The good news: His impeachment trial comes in Sweeps Month. Variety reports that the post-Trump era looks bleak for both cable networks, while Fox News looks as though they barely took a dent.

CNN saw the greatest decline in viewership since Biden took office, seeing rating drop by 44%. MSNBC also saw ratings plunge sharply, though not to the degree that CNN fell. Meanwhile, Fox News saw a slight ratings decrease but has mostly been able to hold steady during the early days of the Biden Administration:

While ratings of cable news typically decline following an election as audiences seek a break from the constant political drama, the sharper decrease for CNN and MSNBC compared to the competition over at Fox News could signal trouble on the horizon for the two outlets:

Fox News’ ratings have barely budged, although they had a bit of a drop last year. The interest lost looks somewhat more particularized, as though a great many people care a lot less about CNN and MSNBC analytical programming after the departure of Trump. Those networks dedicated themselves to counter-Trump programming for the last four years and profited handsomely off of it. Now they have to find a new raison d’etre that will inspire passion in the post-Trump era.

As Senate Democrats prepare an impeachment trial against Trump that is almost certainly destined for failure, it’s possible that CNN and MSNBC could see a bit of a spike as the former president becomes the center of the news cycle again.

But the lack of ratings compared to Fox News when Trump isn’t the center of attention may be cause for concern for the two left-leaning networks, who so far have not devoted much coverage to criticism of a Democratic president.

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