CNN Celebrates After CNN Poll Says People Trust CNN

CNN Celebrates After CNN Poll Says People Trust CNN

CNN’s Brian Stelter is bragging about a new poll that “proved” just how much the American people trust CNN’s coverage of the coronavirus.

And the poll was conducted by… CNN.

As Red State’s Brandon Morse reported:

CNN wants you to know that they took a poll, and according to that CNN poll people trust CNN more than anyone. CNN is so proud of the fact that they decided to air the CNN poll on CNN, and then CNN host Brian Stelter tweeted it out because if anyone should report on how loved CNN is, it’s CNN.

“Striking [numbers] about trusted sources…,” tweeted Stelter, with what I assume was a straight face.

Hilariously, they couldn’t help but show both Trump and Fox News at the bottom of this list with 35 and 36 percent respectively.

Granted, the poll isn’t necessarily of CNN viewers, but we all know CNN would be mocking Fox News is Fox News came out with a poll finding Fox News to be the most trusted network in covering the coronavirus.

Fortunately, there are non-Fox News polls (and non-CNN polls) proving as much.

Just look at one recent poll on trust in cable news giants in reporting on the coronavirus conducted by Morning Consult. Among all voters Fox is the most trusted (as measured by those rating their coverage “excellent or good”). Among independents, Fox and CNN are tied.

And refreshingly, MSNBC, which is somehow even worse than CNN, is the least trusted among every demographic except Republicans, where they’re only marginally less-distrusted than CNN.

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