CNN Commentator: $3.5 Trillion Bill Could Actually Cost Nothing

CNN Commentator: $3.5 Trillion Bill Could Actually Cost Nothing
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In the latest case of common core math in action, CNN contributor Catherine Rampell explained how the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion liberal wish list bill could actually somehow wind up costing nothing in a best case scenario.

Asked by host Brian Steler why the $3.5 trillion figure was misleading, she replied “Because it doesn’t really represent anything. It’s this weird shorthand that’s been used but, in fact, the bill will not cost $3.5 trillion in the sense that it will be entirely, or at least partly, paid for.”

“The actual cost in terms of deficits will be smaller than that. Perhaps, even zero – although I think that is unlikely. And it’s not even fully spending, it’s not right to call it a $3.5 spending bill, because there’s probably about a trillion in tax cuts in there, too. So it’s really hard to boil down the essence of what this legislation is because it does so many things and because they’re still negotiating over the basic parameters,” she continued.

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