CNN Hilariously Claims it’s “Misleading” to Call Lying Reporter “CNN Journalist of the Year”

CNN Hilariously Claims it’s “Misleading” to Call Lying Reporter “CNN Journalist of the Year”

CNN hilariously took issue with the headline of a article titled, Really Fake News: CNN’s 2014 ‘Journalist of the Year’ Admits to Faking Stories, Sources.

In CNN’s “Reliable Sources” newsletter last Thursday, the network’s senior media “reporter,” Oliver Darcy called the title of our post “misleading” and lamented how “right-wing” outlets used the story about lying reporter Claas Relotius to “smear” the network.

(Relotius–as we pointed out last week–was a reporter and editor for the popular German magazine Der Spiegel and resigned after it was revealed that he fabricated a number of stories and sources. In 2014, he received the “CNN Journalist of the Year Award.”)

The newsletter states, in part:

Meanwhile, right-wing outlets dishonestly use scandal to smear CNN…Darcy emails: The right-wing universe is often too predictable. Thursday was no exception. Outlets and individuals living in this space seized on the Der Spiegel scandal to…slime CNN. How did they do this? Well, it turns out Relotius was once honored at a CNN-backed awards ceremony for German-language journalists several years ago for a story published in a Swiss magazine. That prompted misleading headlines like this one from Sean Hannity’s website, which read, “Really Fake News: CNN’s 2014 ‘Journalist of the Year’ Admits to Faking Stories, Sources.”

Now, we know what you’re thinking: “I don’t see any mention of in that CNN newsletter…”

Well, that’s because CNN (shockingly) got their facts wrong. The article cited was tweeted from Hannity’s account, however, the article itself was indeed from, not Hannity’s website like Darcy suggests.

We’ll let that one slide, Ollie.

Apparently, applying the proper title designated by CNN itself is now considered “misleading” by the network.

Note the current caption of a photo of Relotius from the 2014 awards event, which reads, “Claas Relotius was named CNN journalist of the year…”

Another caption on reads, “Claas Relotius is awarded the CNN journalist of the year accolade by Parisa Khosravi, senior vice president for CNN Worldwide.

A CNN senior vice president literally handed Relotius his award…and yet, the network wants you to believe they are victims of a vast right-wing smear campaign.

CNN’s own Vice President of Communications and Digital Partnerships, Matt Dornic, went on a Twitter crusade, personally tweeting to multiple conservative figureheads and news sites to “correct” the record, writing:

“1) He never worked for CNN, never published by CNN.

2) Honored for a piece published by a Swiss magazine – 4+ yrs ago.

3) German award & unique to that market.

4) The award was sponsored by CNN but judged by an independent jury.

5) His award was revoked by that panel this AM.”

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