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CNN Host Ripped For Suggesting Gun Store Owners Test Mental Health of Customers

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Bizarrely, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota suggested that gun store owners test the mental health of customers before selling them guns, apparently under the impression that they’re also psychologists. She said:

“Why don’t we go to gun shop owners and say, ‘Do you think that this 21-year-old who comes in and wants an AR-15-style weapon, do you think he looks like he’s going hunting with this weapon?’ Did you ask him, ‘By the way, do you ever think that people are chasing you? Do you ever hear voices saying that people are coming for you?’ Do they ever ask questions like that? Because this guy, it sounds like … would have answered yes. How onerous would it be to have a gun shop owner just say, ‘By the way, are you hearing voices? Do you think people are chasing you? Do you think everybody’s watching you?’ … It would have weeded out, possibly, this guy.”

As you can imagine, this almost comically ignorant comment produced a savage reaction. Here’s a small sampling of it.


So, if we want gun owners to play Sigmund Freud because their products can be dangerous, are we going to be doing this with other merchants? Cars? Knives? Rat Poison? Are you going to be quizzed about whether or not you’re a pyromaniac before you’re allowed to fill up your tank at the gas station? Also, as “The Foo” notes, why would anyone believe people would tell the truth

Are gun shop owners qualified to evaluate anyone’s mental health? This is such a comically ignorant concept that it should be prompting people to question whether Alisyn Camerota is competent enough to be on TV, but of course, in 2021, it doesn’t work that way. If anything, that moronic segment probably got more people talking about the show and CNN probably considers that to be a big win.

To little surprise, CNN’s ratings are in the tank. The network has bled 45% of its prime time audience in the past five weeks, and according to Nielsen Media Research, the Fox News obsessed Brian Stelter just saw his show experience its lowest-rated week of the year. We can only be surprised that the ratings didn’t fall more.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know. His website is Linkiest and you can follow him on Parler here.

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