CNN Host’s Attempt at Dunking on Ted Cruz Goes Awry

CNN Host’s Attempt at Dunking on Ted Cruz Goes Awry

CNN’s Brian Stelter, arguably the dumbest person in media, tried dunking on Senator Ted Cruz for posting a funny meme about Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s recent edicts on social distancing.

The picture Cruz tweeted was allegedly of Whitmer signing a bill that imposed a fine on Michigan’s residents who don’t follow social distancing orders, with Whitmer and her aides crowded together in that very moment. Cruz joked “As I could it, that’s $11k [in fines] right there…”

However, it turned out that the picture was from 2019, before the social distancing dictates were put in place. Stelter then seized upon that fact to fact-check Cruz’s joke.

Cruz then destroyed Stelter like only Cruz can:

So in other words, Stelter was effectively criticizing Cruz for trusting the mainstream media – a mistake I’m sure won’t happen again.


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