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CNN: It’s Not Border Czar Harris’ Job to Deal With the Border

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Facing a crisis at the border that no one in the White House will acknowledge as a crisis, Joe Biden appointed Vice President Kamala Harris to be his de-facto border czar. Since then she’s taken a total of zero trips to the border, though when Donald Trump was in office she was happy to head down there in 2018 to protest.

Harris has taken the same kind of reality-free “root causes” approach many leftists take to the issue of crime as she did to the border. While common sense would suggest that the “root cause” of mass illegal immigration is massive amounts of illegal immigrants crossing the border, Harris blames poverty (which apparently has just become a problem in Latin America in the past five months), lack of economic opportunities, extreme weather, violence against women, and even “anti-LGBTQ violence.” The list grows by the day, and will one day span every possible excuse except “the policies of the Biden/Harris administration.”

While Harris still has yet to do as much as hold a press conference on the border crisis, her cheerleaders over at CNN have assured us that it’s actually not the border czar’s job to keep the border secure.

As the Post Millennial reports:

Harris’ team explained that Harris isn’t supposed to be dealing with the border, that this was never her job. Instead, she’s meant to handle the “root causes” of migration.

White House reporter Natasha Bertrand told CNN that Harris’ “team has come out and said publicly: ‘Look, we do not own the issues at the border, we are not managing the issues at the border, this is for the Secretary of Homeland Security, this is for the people on the NSC who are dealing explicitly with this issue in the United States. The Vice President is going to be dealing exclusively with diplomacy.'”

Harris’ team “has emphasized that she’s going to be focused more on diplomatic efforts, on dealing with the leaders of those countries and trying to get at the root causes of why people are leaving these countries to begin with.” Bertrand explained that the only reason Harris was expected to deal with the border crisis is because “media outlets” and “Republicans” framed it that way, but that this was never meant to be her role. Instead, Harris’ team has continued to say that she was only meant to deal with the Northern Triangle countries, not the actual border itself.

Watch below:

That all leads us to one particularly obvious question for VP Harris:

I’m not sure there’s much of an answer.

Matt Palumbo is the author of Dumb and Dumber: How Cuomo and de Blasio Ruined New YorkDebunk This: Shattering Liberal Lies, and Spygate

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