In a shameful display of media bias, CNN and MSNBC spent a combined 428 minutes covering the Michael Cohen hearing and just 12 minutes and 50 seconds on President Trump’s historic nuclear summit with North Korea.

Newsbusters reports:

During the prime time and night hours on CNN and MSNBC (7:00 p.m. Eastern and 12 a.m. Eastern), the nine liberal hosts spent a combined 428 minutes and 19 seconds obsessing over the testimony of convicted liar Michael Cohen, and plotting how it could be used to bring down the Trump presidency. CNN’s share was 225 minutes and 10 seconds, while MSNBC sat at 203 minutes and nine seconds.

Meanwhile, CNN spent two minutes and 14 seconds covering the North Korea meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un. MSNBC spent 10 minutes and 36 seconds.

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