CNN: Riots “Fiery – But Mostly Peaceful”

CNN: Riots “Fiery – But Mostly Peaceful”

CNN took a break last night from using the Orwellian term “mostly peaceful” to describe riots that are objectively not peaceful, coming up with an incredible new and improved term: “fiery, but mostly peaceful.”

As pictures of the CNN chyron circulated social media, many conservatives assumed that while hilarious, there was no way it was real.

But alas, nothing is too absurd for CNN.

This is somehow the second time that this has happened. During the Minneapolis riots, a MSNBC reporter stood in front of a burning building to report that everything is A-OK.

In other words, CNN and MSNBC’s reporting could literally just be replaced with the “this is fine” internet meme.

CNN, the the same network that aimed to discredit the entire March for Life because Nick Sandmann smirked at someone also don’t want mass looting, destruction, and violence to distract from their cause. So absurd is the term “mostly peaceful” that it could also be used to describe murderers, who, after all, tend to spend the overwhelming majority of their time not killing people.

Some other of media’s other greatest hits in the past week include the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel describing Jacob Flake as armed with a knife, but otherwise unarmed.

And the New York Times described how in the protests that followed, peaceful marches gave way to destruction.

What will they come up with next? Stay tuned until probably later today.

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