CNN Whines That Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema Are “Actually Republicans”

CNN Whines That Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema Are “Actually Republicans”
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Democrat Senators Krysten Sinema and Joe Manchin are holding up Joe Biden’s massive $3.5 trillion spending bill, and it’s driving the rest of their increasingly far-left party mad.

Last night on CNN Don Lemon complained that the duo are actually Republicans due to their occasionally sane actions. “You also have two Republicans in the Democratic party who are making problems for the Democrats, and that’s Manchin and Sinema” he said. Cuomo replied “that’s your opinion.”

“I mean, they are Republicans, come on!” Lemon fired back.

“That’s your opinion. They’re both Democrats,” Cuomo reiterated.

“It’s not an opinion. Just look at the way they vote,” Lemon said.

“They are both Democrats. There’s a D after their name. That’s the fact,” Cuomo responded.

“I see them as Republicans” Lemon said, concluding the repetitious exchange.

Watch below:


Their party affiliation aside, Sinema and Manchin’s ideology based on their voting records last year puts them in the center, close to Republicans often accused of being Democrats such as Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins. In the Trump-era Sinema and Manchin both sided with Trump about half the time. Or in other words, the ideology of the aforementioned Senators may be more accurately described as something centrist not represented by a major party, as opposed to them “actually belonging to the other party.”

Over at MSNBC Sinema drew the fury of joyless host Joy Reid for becoming increasingly sarcastic with reporters attempting to intimidate her. When one recently told her progressives were “frustrated” that they “don’t know” where she is [on the bill], she replied “I’m in the Senate, right here.”

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