CNN’s Brian Stelter Continues to Hemorrhage Viewers

CNN’s Brian Stelter Continues to Hemorrhage Viewers
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CNN’s “Reliable Sources” with Brian Stelter has continued to see its ratings decline, leading a trend that has seen the network overall bleed viewers since January of this year.

From the Post Millennial: 

During May, Stelter’s show which is often jam-packed with left-wing pundits complaining about Fox News and “disinformation”, averaged a paltry 863,000 viewers in May. That’s down 9 percent from the previous month of April, according to Fox News.

May’s numbers continued a trend for Stelter, who averaged 1.3 million viewers in February, 1.02 million in March, and 917,000 in April. Overall, the host has seen his numbers slide 53% since January.

To make matters worse for Stelter, replacement host John Avlon was able to post better ratings than the normal host while he vacationed earlier this year.

Stelter, who typically uses his show to criticize rival Fox News and popular host Tucker Carlson, isn’t the only one seeing a decline in viewers at CNN. While the network enjoyed record breaking viewership numbers as former President Donald Trump’s presidency wound down, it has had significant issues holding onto those viewers in a post-Trump world.

One March report revealed that CNN ratings had dropped by 36% in the first two months of President Biden’s term, while the network also lost close to 50% of its primetime viewers.

The network’s daytime ratings have fared only slightly better, dropping 34% since inauguration day. But the cable news giants did lose 58% of that window’s key 25 to 54 age demographic, signaling that not even its daytime program was immune from the post-Trump slump.

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