CNN’s Don Lemon Accidentally Proves What BLM is Really About

CNN’s Don Lemon Accidentally Proves What BLM is Really About

On Monday, the Airport Channel’s Don Lemon, aptly named by President Trump as the “dumbest man on television,” accidentally admitted the true meaning of the Black Lives Matter movement, which is that not ALL black lives matter.

During an interview with actor Terry Crews, Lemon responded to remarks that Crews had made on social media against the BLM movement.

Lemon said, as reported by the Daily Wire:

“The Black Lives Matter movement was started because it was talking about police brutality. If you want an all black lives matter movement that talks about gun violence in communities, including, you know, black communities, then, start that movement with that name. But that’s not what Black Lives Matter is about. It’s not an all-encompassing [movement].

So if you are talking about — if someone started a movement that said cancer matters. And then, someone comes and says why aren’t you talking about HIV? It’s not the same thing. We’re talking about cancer. So the Black Lives Matter movement is about police brutality and injustice, in that manner. Not about what’s happening in black neighborhoods.”

Crews pushed back on the notion that BLM is mainly about police brutality, saying that “…when I look, if they have more on their agenda, we need to ask them about what else is on that agenda, other than police brutality. And that’s all I’m doing. Questioning. Warning. Watching. And if that bothers you, now, that bothers me.”

Lemon then went to commercial break.

I can’t help but wonder why.

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