CNN’s Fredo Cuomo Finally Admits Homicides Are Rising, Blames it On States Reopening

CNN’s Fredo Cuomo Finally Admits Homicides Are Rising, Blames it On States Reopening

On Wednesday, Chris “Fredo” Cuomo admitted that homicides are rising, but instead of placing the blame on nationwide riots and calls to “defund the police,” he apparently blamed it on coronavirus lockdown lifts and reopening the economy.

Cuomo said:

“But let’s see how ‘Ms. I won’t lie to you’ [White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany] and the rest of ‘Team Trump’ feel after we drop some truth on their roof.  increases started in June. You say, ‘hey, wasn’t that about the same time as the protests, all those calls to defund the police? That’s gotta be the reason. See, you turn on the cops and the criminals run wild.’ That’s why she wants questions about it, to say that, right?

“But what else started in June? Well, states started lifting stay at home orders, now, didn’t they? Well, you don’t know that that’s what it was. Okay. Why, in April and May, when businesses were closed and we were forced to stay home, were homicides down?”

Cuomo also ridiculously said that homicides are rising because kids are out of school for the summer, so homicide rates “almost always spike in summer.”

“Why? Kids are out of school, more people are out in general and in contact with each other. So more chance for beefs, good and bad. Add it to a seasonal increase in drug consumption and you get more of us at our worst. But this here is unique – people are not out and about as much, at least they shouldn’t be.”

But, according to the New York Post, Leftist Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said that its CHAZ/CHOP area resulted in “a staggering 525 percent spike in crime as a result of the violence that swept through.” Also, Fox 8 reported that in New Orleans, “homicides and gun violence increased during quarantine,” which obviously undercuts Fredo’s narrative.

Just another reason to tune these fake news idiots out.

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