Comedian Mocks Media for Coverage Disparity Between Ted Cruz Cancun Trip and Cuomo Nursing Home Scandal

Comedian Mocks Media for Coverage Disparity Between Ted Cruz Cancun Trip and Cuomo Nursing Home Scandal

With the amount of media attention Sen. Ted Cruz has been generating in recent days, you might think he was allegedly responsible for deaths of potentially thousands of his state’s most vulnerable citizens.

But there are no such allegations swirling around the Texas Republican. Instead, Cruz created controversy by making an ill-timed trip to sunny Cancun as much of the state of Texas suffered through frigid temperatures and massive power outages.

On the other hand, New York Gov Andrew Cuomo is facing allegations that his administration’s actions resulted in the deaths of some of his state’s most vulnerable citizens. There’s even the possibility of a cover up at play, you just wouldn’t know it from the media’s coverage of the two politicians.

From the Daily Caller:

Comedian Michal Loftus mocked the massive media coverage gap between Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

There was plenty to mock, as much of the mainstream press devoted significantly more time to the Cruz story than the Cuomo controversy:

Cuomo received 55 seconds to Cruz’s 3:15 on ABC’s “World News Tonight,” and “NBC Nightly News” gave 1:30 to Cuomo and two full minutes to Cruz. CNN devoted 2:42 to covering Cuomo, but spent ten times that — 25:31 — talking about Cruz. MSNBC made no mention of Cuomo, but gave over 20 minutes of coverage to Cruz. Only the “CBS Evening News” gave Cuomo (1:45) more coverage than Cruz (45 seconds).

Loftus called the disparity “jaw-dropping,” asking why people were so concerned specifically with what Cruz was doing.

“I can’t believe how much attention they want us to pay to this Ted Cruz thing,” he said. “They act like he’s the only person with a toolkit in Texas that can actually fix a frozen windmill. Like everyone’s outside, ‘Who can fix this? Who can fix this? Oh, Ted Cruz! Get here! Get your crescent wrench, we need your help!’”

Of course, Cruz is a United States Senator who isn’t responsible for the energy policy that left millions of Texans in the dark. But that didn’t stop the media from attacking his trip as if he did.

But Cruz quickly realized his trip was bad for optics, and soon after his trip went viral the Senator released a statement explaining his reason for flying to warmer weather was an attempt to be a “good dad” by accompanying his daughters on a trip with their friends.

He later gave an airport interview on his way back to Texas, where he said he realized his trip was probably a mistake.

“What’s happening in Texas is unacceptable,” Cruz said of the power outages plaguing the state.

“On the one hand, all of us who are parents have a responsibility to take care of our kids, take care of our families,” Cruz said. “But I also have a responsibility that I take very seriously of fighting for the state of Texas.”

“As it became a bigger and bigger firestorm, it became all the more compelling that I needed to come back,” he added.

Meanwhile, Cuomo has been unapologetic about the controversy surrounding his administration, even as members of his own party have begun to separate themselves from him. Instead, the governor has acknowledged little blame while accusing critics of playing politics while he handles public health.

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