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CONFLICTED AND CONFUSED: A Mumbling Mueller asks for Questions to be Repeated

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A very shaky, seemingly confused and shaken Robert Mueller is undergoing a heated hearing on the hill. So far, Robert Mueller has appeared confused, has already contradicted his own report regarding collusion. The first Republican to question Mueller was Rep. Doug Collins who asked the former special counsel if collusion and conspiracy were the same thing. “Mr. Mueller initially said ‘no,’ suggesting he thought the terms were not the same – and giving Democrats some hope that he would deliver them the goods on their claim that Mr. Trump did collude with Russia in 2016” according to the Washington Times.

However, as Mr. Collins confronted Mueller with his own words on page 180 of volume one of his report, where it was written that the two words are “largely synonymous.”

Memory loss of his own report then continued as Rep. Steve Chabot asked Mueller about a firm called “Fusion GPS” mentioned in the report, Mueller is completely befuddled. “I’m not familiar, uh, uh, with, uh, that” he responded. As Chabot pressed about the firm which produced the Steele dossier and the firm’s owner who was mentioned in the report, he continued to respond solely with “that’s outside my purview.”

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